Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Self Image - part one (I really like this one, taken with kind permission from my wife's private blog)

I went to a morning tea last Friday for school mums.

It was encouraging.

I got into conversation with someone about kids and image and my understanding of life... after I told her what I thought, she told me I should write a book about it! (cute, but I can't even finish the one I started five years ago!).

But I thought I would share what I was talking about on my blog.

When I was 8 years old, I mapped out my plan for life. I remember doing it and being pleased with my plans.

I was going to finish school, go to Sydney Girls Highschool, and then do an Arts degree at UNSW. Whilst studying at university - English, history and music, I would meet a lovely Christian man - who was also doing an Arts degree. We would marry at the end of our degrees. We would both be teachers for a while, then he would go onto Moore College to train to be a minister. We would have six children - three girls and three boys after college, and I would stop working and spend all my days looking after them. The end.

That was my plan. Totally, that was it.

So - reality - I did finish school. I did go to SGHS. I did do an Arts degree in English and history, with a year of music as well. I did go onto do a diploma of education. I did marry a minister.

I met my husband at highschool not uni. He did a science degree not an Arts degree - although he also did a dip ed after his science degree. We married at the end of second year uni, not after we had completed our degrees. We had a handful of boys - well, four.... and then one girl, and it is unlikely we will have any more children. I never taught in a school, but continued as a piano, trumpet and music teacher for preschool age children. We had children during our time at Moore College - in fact, we had a baby three out of the four years we were there!

So, although there were a lot of differences between my plan, and what eventuated, actually there were also a lot of similarities. Things basically went according to my eight year old ideas.

.....next installment coming soon....

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